Chair: LaDawn Norwood

Protocol Committee Members

Karla Gowen
Nichole Hurst
Ambrosia McClain
Stacie McMurtry
Antoinette Rayburn
Fareeda Shabazz
Nikita Williamson

The Courtesy Committee shall consist of the Protocol Chair as the chair and at least at least one member from each age Group. It shall extend and perform all courtesies such as cards, floral arrangements, gifts and other expressions of remembrance, to members and their families at such appropriate times as indicated by the Standing Rules and based on the annual budget. It shall oversee the offering of refreshments following monthly meetings, and assign and coordinate meetings hostesses. It shall also communicate with members regarding special events and occasions within the chapter. Additionally, it shall address proper protocol for ceremonies, meetings, fund raisers, gifts, courtesies, invitations, solicitations, donations, and special situations including but not limited to attire, receiving line, holding room, procession, seating, caring for guests, notifications, transportation, and hospitality.

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