Jack and Jill Mid-Western Region


The origin of the Mid-Western Region began with the founding of the Columbus, Ohio Chapter in 1945. The Chapter hosted the National Convention in April 1947. It was the eighth chapter to be founded and was the first chapter not located in the Eastern area of the country. This was the beginning of the organization’s expansion. The chapters which later became organized into the Mid-Western Region contributed significantly to the early growth of the organization.

It is noteworthy that our Founder Marion Stubbs Thomas was a charter member of the Detroit Chapter after moving from Philadelphia. From the very beginning, it has reflected the core values of the organization while embracing a Mid-Western flavor of commitment to excellence, leadership and innovative programming.

The goal of the Mid-Western Region is to build great leaders to meet the challenges of the world through exposure to educational, cultural, civic, recreational and social activities. We are working together to provide a foundation for our children through leadership development and community service.

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Regional Team