Leaders are made, not born.
The Lake Shore Chapter includes a TEEN group of vibrant 9th-12th graders, who are self-motivated and committed to the mission of our national organization.

Teens interact in a self-governing environment strategically aligned with the mothers’ program, aimed to develop and nurture leadership skills. Additionally, teens are encouraged to hold elected offices, chair committees and further develop their understanding of the value of community service. Following high school graduation, teens are eligible to participate in the nationwide young alumni group.

Monthly, Lake Shore Teens are engaged in:

  • Activities that emphasize cultural, social, educational or civic thrusts.
  • Business meetings that include operational and organizational functions. Teens learn clear communication and effective decision making.
  • Leadership and Financial Modules that teach necessary skills to assume leadership positions through high school, college and the workforce.
  • Teen Leadership Committees to develop and enhance skill-sets required to effectively lead in a constantly-changing society.

2016 -2017 Teen Officers

Khylah Everage

Teen President

Cayci Jeter

Teen Vice President

Aria Rayburn

Teen Recording Secretary

Khalil Everage

Teen Corresponding Secretary

Matthew Marchbanks

Teen Treasurer

Brenden Fleming

Teen Sergeant at Arms

Nia Robinson

Teen Parlimentarian

Nigel Telman

Teen Foundation Chair

Mulbe Dillard

Teen Editor

Nicholas Telman

Teen Legislative Chair


Teen Chaplain

Sydney Jackson

Regional Teen Nominating Committee Chair